A scalable solution designed using the Microsoft product suite for Councils. Access to services via the web and request forms designed for any device with Geo location and auto population of forms for authenticated web users.


Ability for council customers (businesses, residents) to have access to council products and services online and be recognised based on their demographics via a secure login.


  1. Pay rates
  2. Pet registration
  3. Parking permits
  4. Waste collection
  5. Bin requests and more…

Businesses and professionals

  1. Building permits
  2. Signage
  3. Food service
  4. Permits and licenses and more..


Identity Management

Identity of a web user is based on business rules defined in the solution without the need for third party tools and supports the following authentication methods:

  1. User defined authentication
  2. Two-Factor authentication
  3. External authentication


Web Forms

Design, create, edit and define the steps required for a web form to be completed online using the following methods

  • Free forms that don't require authentication
  • Forms that require authentication
  • Forms that require Geo location
  • Display a progress bar for application forms
  • Use your own branding


Customer Service

Ability for councils to have a single view of a customer and their demographics that would help them to

  • Respond and engage with the community
  • Improve customer experience
  • Have knowledge of the services and touch points
  • Real time reporting and dashboards
  • Meet service level agreements


 Other Features include
  • Work order management
  • Scheduling work to council workers and contractors
  • Mobility app for work order management
  • Native integration to SharePoint and Microsoft Office applications


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