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There are many ways your business can benefit from digital transformation. Resources can be saved by automation of processes and electronic archiving. These savings can be redirected to care and services to your residents.

Digital transformation can be associated with improving care and services. Here are some ideas...


Do you measure a Resident's goals in their care plan?   Not easy when the care plan is many pages in a 2 ring folder, or across many screens in your clinical software program.

How do you communicate their progress and outcomes during your care conference meeting? You are probably using 'met 'or 'not met' like the accreditation standards, but what does this really tell you?

Have you ever thought 'I wish there was a simple way to display a quantitative representation of the resident's progress towards their goals that I could share with their families and the carers'?

There is a way to provide a graphical view that is easy to understand, measurable and can be tracked. Read on to learn more.............

The most frequent answer I get when I pose this question is an emphatic no. But the answer is a resounding yes.

In fact, I have pulled it off twice in the space of 10 years. I will say that on both occasions, it was a positive transition and well worth it. The benefits included realised reduction in man-hours that were redirected from admin to direct care services. In one case that meant the creation of a second lifestyle coordinator position.

The secret: you must believe it can happen to make it happen.